CareCuts is an organization that provides haircuts, donations, food, and showers to the Knoxville homeless or less fortunate community.

Every Sunday, hundreds of people line up on the side of 519 William Street, checking in for what may be their only shower for the week or their only hot meal.

The organization stresses the importance of being a hand-up and not a handout. CareCuts would be the last organization to turn away anyone who’s in need.

Resources like haircuts, job opportunities, optimal services, and even furniture for housing are things CareCuts provides.

For people like Pastor Mann, he appreciates all the work that CareCuts does. He said, “This is what it means when He says honors thy neighbor as thy self, and this is honoring thy neighbor, and I appreciate that.”

When opening their doors, CareCuts initially only gave out free haircuts, but soon realized that clients were leaving with a haircut and nothing else. Marti Baker and her husband Charlie took it upon themselves to expand the services into what is today.

This entire operation is happening outside, in a non-insulated garage, and everyone you see working there are volunteers. Some came from the streets, and some came from places of just wanting to help. But there’s a place and a spot for anyone at CareCuts.

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