The ancient art of samurai sword fighting is something of the past, but a class at the University of Tennessee is teaching samurai lessons to students of today. 

Instructor Lance England said, “The samurai from feudal Japan had their own code, Bushido. It was their code of honor; their code of behavior, that dictated how they responded to their daily challenges.”

He continued, “And the modern warrior, the modern samurai, needs the same sort of code. You need your own code of honor.”

Although sword fights hardly break out around Knoxville, England teaches more than just how to wield a sword.

His lessons include teachings from, “the way of the enlightened warrior,” which are meant to instill a lifelong love of learning into his students. 

The class, offered every semester at UT, is one of the more unique classes on campus.

Students looking to fill a physical education credit can take the course for some exercise, and a new perspective on ancient Japan, swords, and the samurai spirit.